Hi Dennis

Thanks for providing your feedback shown below.

The information written on the Gumstix product page for the 5V US power supply states:

 "Power your Gumstix system in the United States and Canada
  Designed for 120V/60Hz AC input power".

If this is the power supply to which you are referring, how could that statement be improved to help prevent the situation described below?

Most customers purchase the EU or UK power supply when they plan to demo or install their Gumstix products in Europe. Would be interested to learn how often customers wish to use the same power supply both in North America and in Europe.

Don Anderson
@ Gumstix

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 8:48 PM, Dennis Bland <dennis@dbperformance.com> wrote:
Gumstix doesn't seem to have any other customer feedback mechanism, so
I guess I'll just post this here.

Gumstix needs to be a little more explicit in the fact their North
American switching power supply only works at 120 volts.  If you plug
it into a 240 volt outlet with an adapter, it will blow up.

Imagine the not-so-hypothetical case where your team in North America
spents months preparing a demo for a customer in Europe, just to have
the board blow up in front of the customer.  All this because a
wide-ranging version of the power supply costs a dollar more?

I bought a electric toothbrush for $39 and it has a wide-ranging
(100-240 volt) power supply.  All other portable electronics have it.
Why should I have to carry around a seperate power supply for Gumstix?


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