I am invoking my overo image with qemu-linaro with sdl as display.
qemu-system-arm -M overo -m 512 -drive if=sd,cache=writeback,file=
myovero.img -clock unix -sdl -device usb-kbd -device usb-mouse

After a few keystrokes and mouse clicks I am getting: usb-kbd: warning: key event queue full and a similar message for the usb mouse. I tried launching my image with and without x11. The setup is a nested VM with Ubuntu 12.04 on VirtualBox acting as the host. My target/guest is a Gumstix overo running linux-omap 3.6.

However, I was able to use my keyboard and mouse on the incredibly cool http://atomicarm.blogspot.com/2010/01/tiny-qemu-arm-system-with-directfb.html. Has anyone caome across this issue before? Do I have to look at the guest system's kernel config? Does it have to do with enabling EHCI? Any pointers would help!