In all electronic circuits present current and voltage. First of all you need to know power consumption for your USB-radio, my guess is it about ~200 mA.
If you don't know the power consumption of your radio, you can measure it by tester:

----USB-pin1--------------<     <---------------to radio
----USB-pin2--------------<     <---------------to radio
----USB-pin3--------------<     <---------------to radio
----USB-pin4--------------< <TESTER in amp mode<   <--------------- to radio 

If the power consumption >100 mA you are can't use OTG port without additional power. It may be USB hub or external power from board power supply, or from USB Host.

And why you are don't wanna use USB Host?


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Its my understanding that the radio doesnt draw any current.. so im not sure how that applies to this situation.  Im a programmer and maybe not understanding the problem.

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