I agree with Trevor. 

Despite all the challenges involved with learning (and using) OE, I've found it incredibly useful in managing multiple Linux distributions. Plus there's a good community of people willing to answer questions! I'm not saying OpenEmbedded is perfect (it has many, many quirks), but it's pretty darn good. 

It would be absolutely astounding if such a large and active project didn't occasionally suffer from bug attacks. 

Thanks very much to the core OE developers!

RoadNarrows LLC

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 3:49 PM, Trevor Woerner <twoerner@gmail.com> wrote:
I guess maybe I need to speak up for the (silent?) majority (?) for
whom OE works?

Someone casually stumbling on this thread (and other such rants) might
think OE doesn't work for anybody. It works fine for me and
(presumably many?) others too.

I find it humourous that this thread started because of a 404 error,
something that has nothing to do with OE itself. Anyone could
experience the odd network hickup when downloading so many pacakges
from so many different places.

Personally I'm quite fond of OE and its relatives (yocto, etc). Oddly
enough, I too have also used many different build systems (including
many self-rolled environments) and OE is the first I've really liked.

Maybe if people are having so much trouble with OE they could look
into hiring some OE expert to come by and give personal instruction.
For example:


This person offers a course which includes OE instruction. Obviously
if he's teaching a course in OE he obviously has years of successful
OE-related experience. Surely someone like that wouldn't be fooled by
something so OE-unrelated such as a 404 error?

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