Hi Daniel,

Yes! The additional power jumper must be connected when using the 5.0 MP camera module from e-Con Systems. It looks like this information is missing from the latest version of e-Con's hardware manual. I'll find the details for making this connection, and forward them to you.

RoadNarrows LLC

On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 9:53 PM, Daniel Turner <danieltturner@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello everyone,
  I've recently started working on a project that uses the Gumstix
Overo Fire. I'm building a tiny ROV (5"x5"x1").

To give you some background, I've been working with PICs for years,
and no stranger to a soldering iron and have even designed and built
quite a few PCBs.

Most of my embedded dev work has been via PIC-C by CCS.

And, of course, I'm having a bit of a problem. Two in fact...

I've had a ROV chassis 3D printed, I've got a Pololu serial motor
controller that drives two tiny gear head motors, all controlled by an
Overo Fire.

And the amazing thing, it works! I'm controlling the ROV over WiFi via
a python GUI on a laptop that talks to a python app running on the

However, when I drive the motors from 0% to 100% the Overo reboots.
I'm trying to determine if the Overo is rebooting due to a low voltage
condition or RFI.

Does the Overo have any built in method of monitoring battery voltage?
I intend on adding a PCB to monitor system voltages (both the motor
voltage and the logic voltage), but that is a few weeks away.

I'm also having a problem with an E-Con Systems 5MP camera. I've been
in touch with the Road Narrows tech support and they are telling me
either my cable is bad, the camera is bad, or the overo is bad. I've
tried another cable and I'm still getting an I2C error when I try to
insmod the driver. The module, overo, and both cables are brand new.
I'm inclined to believe this is a user error.

The camera module has what I was told is a flash power connector, I've
tried to confirm the function of this 2 pin connector on the module
but have been unable to do so. I'm wondering if it is actually an
overall power connector.

Does anyone know if this connector has to be connected for the camera
to work? I'm pretty sure I've seen video without it connected, but
that may have been for an older version of the board (such as the
3.2MP version).

Sorry for the rambling, its late.

Any input on either subject is welcome.

I should mention, I don't have any high frequency monitoring tools
with which to monitor the Overo's supply voltage. I am powering it
from 6 AA cells @ ~9v.

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