Did you check that you installed the "VCP" driver (ftdio_sio) and not the D2XX library. (libftdi) I think you want the VCP driver if you wish to 
talk to it via kermit or using open() calls. Otherwise I am guessing you need to use the API which is part of libftdi library. 


On Aug 26, 2011, at 4:33 PM, Mathias Kriebel wrote:

The Xbee device appear as /dev/usbdev*.* instead of /dev/ttyUSB* .
Can I open this as a serial port as I do on a PC?
I'm having trouble to do this and I believe this has something to do to the group of  "usbdev" beeing "root" and not "dialout" as it is on the PC.

Somebody has an idea what can I do?

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