I wasn’t aware that TI even had any OMAP4 parts for small buyers. I expected them to release a hacked up version for the small/med buyers where they included a technical manual that incorrectly stated what was missing. They’d promise to fix it, but then the guy responsible would go on vacation for the next month.


The only low volume OMAP4460 solution that I know of is the Variscite OMAP4460 module, and hopefully Gumstix will have their own OMAP4460 offering (I like the gumstix when the space is constrained). I would advice asking Variscite about long term availability if you’re serious about the OMAP4460 part.


This does play a major role in my future decision. Right now I use an OMAP3730 part, but for a new product I’m trying to decide between an IMX6 versus an OMAP4460. Sure one is considerably faster than the other, but what I really care about is that the silicon works. In the case of the OMAP3730 I still haven’t seen the MUSB work properly, and the ISP interface gave me complete fits (it doesn’t resync the video at the next vsync if it gets an incorrect vsync/hsync). I also know that there is going to be quite a few COM manufactures of the IMX6, and I’ve only seen one COM  vendor for the OMAP4.




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I have recently heard that TI is planning to change the status on all their multicore parts so only big quantity buyers can use them – like the OMAP4 status.

This is being done to eliminate tech support for small buyers.


I am designing around a DM3730 now and trying to get some kind of confirmation of this.

Has anyone heard of this change?


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