I went to order a couple Overo Water’s, but the Gumstix website says “Now shipping version R2173”


Yet, the last time I ordered a Overo Fire I received revision R2277 (the camera connector in the new location)


This wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t using the Camera connector, and my baseboard design uses the new location.  I haven’t finished the design , but I’m just about to.  In fact the only reason I have to order new ones is because of this change. The old ones will work with my development test board (I designed that before the change), and the new ones will work with the new baseboard.


Inconvenient, but certainly not the first time I’ve had this with a COM, and certainly not the last. What is irritating is I can’t get away from it. The uncertainty of what I’ll get, and the uncertainty in the electrical connection of the camera connector.


As an aside I have about 10 or 15 camera flex cables from gumstix that don’t work? Can I ship those back? I don’t care about getting a refund. I just want gumstix to look at the cable for possible mechanical issues (I don’t think they actually meet the connector spec). On my new baseboard I won’t have to remove/insert the flex cable when I need to move things around so hopefully I won’t have such a ridiculous collection of bad flex cables in the future.