Excuse my english, i am French

I juste receive my waysmall 400xm-bt  to install my application.
But, if i understand the developpemnt on this product, i must installed a buildroot.

I have a ubuntu linux and i see the good wiki : http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Buildroot#Getting_Started

To send my c programm and compile it on gumstix, i think it’s a good solution.

But when i use :
svn co -r1161 http://svn.gumstix.com/gumstix-buildroot/trunk gumstix-buildroot

On my ubuntu pc


I tape :

cd gumstix-buildroot
make defconfig

Also after 15 mn, i have an error 2  compilation aborted.

Thanks can you help me i am novice ..