I am considering buying a gumstix for my robotics project. The overo summit pack looks like a nice solution. My goal is to try out different robotic controllers and study their firmware. That is why I am searching for controllers whose firmware code is 100% open source and can be studied, and possibly get completely changed. I have already experimented extensively with SRV-1 (http://www.surveyor.com/SRV_info.html).  I am doing this mostly in order to practise how to create an operating system of sorts which could run in different robotic platforms. So the question is quite simple. Can I find the source code for the gumstix, study it, make changes or ... make something different and then flush it with the new changed firmware?

According to this: http://www.gumstix.net/Setup-and-Programming/view/Overo-Setup-and-Programming/Source-code/111.html  I think I can but I would like some confirmation before I proceed further. Thanks in advance !


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