We recently ordered (Order #8510) and received the following components;

2 x gumstix verdex XM4 (GS270-XM4)

1.      At boot, connected to a hyperterm session, one board erratically will stop booting and will not allow entry in to the reflashing environment, or once we are in the GUM environment it will not allow typing and eventually reboots and freezes.

2.      The other, again connected to a hyperterm session, does absolutely nothing.

Please forward RMA instructions so that we may continue with our project. Our intended configuration is NetMicroSD-vx è Verdex è Breakout-VX

Due to the urgency of the project we have ordered (Order #8562) replacement VX motherboards, however would like these items replaced or repaired as well.

Vincent Costagliola

Director, Information Services & Technologies

SR Technologies, Inc

Ph: 954-797-1935

BB: 954-643-6624