hi all,

I am trying to connect Aptina MT9V032 camera with my Overo Tide board, however, it seems the device is not detected at all.

I compiled my kernel 3.2.48 with ubuntu-12.04 and already selected mt9v032 in configuration. What I suspect is that there must be some sort of initialization procedure missing in Overo initialization to setup mt9v032 driver through i2c?

I am not familiar with gpio/i2c and Aptina official driver is for mt9v034(https://github.com/Aptina/BeagleBoard-xM/tree/master/MT9V034/Angstrom), not sure if it is compatible?

Also I googled this patch, it seems more work needed than only including mt9v032 in kernel modules. Overo needs to initialize camera during its init?

Anyone giving any comment would be highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

Nick Huang/Qingzhe Huang