I am trying to cross compile a program that uses openCV in order to run on gumstix.
So do I need to to first bitbake openCV? And how? I have been looking on the net, but can't find a good resource.
Also are there any good library for streaming video captured by web cam over wifi?

I am new to gumstix and here are my understanding of how cross compiling works (after following the hello world ex).
1. Write a program in C with a Makefile 
2. use bitbake to produce a bin file which can be installed on gumstix
3. install and run the program on gumstix

However, I try to bitbake a program I wrote which uses openCV. I got a Makefile which can produce a runable program in Unbuntu.
But when I try to do the same trick as the helloworld example, it doesn't work. So I am thinking do i need to bitbake openCV first?