Hello Again,

Well I have tryed to reply on a thingy but for some reason it doesnt come through when I try...

In my previous post I asked about  "the vxXM4-BT + netwifimicroSD-vx and the GoliathGPS-vx".
Someone told me I cant assemble them all Is that correct?
Since the netwifi is 60PIN and the Goliath 120PIN (or the other way around..)
The vxXM4-BT also has a 24pin slot. Is there a way for me to use that to add something like a small keyboard and/or a extra FlashCard? (CF, SD, MicroSD, MMC that kinda stuff)
Oh, and when is the GoliathGPS going to be released? All I can find is June but its nearly October.. :o
Oh, and does the TouchScreen work instantly when you connect it?
Or do I have to install software for that..

Thanks already,
 - Robin

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