For using the USB hub, just the Gumstix's USB power supply is not really enough.
If you cut the USB cable, there are 4 lines: Red, White, Green, Black.
Red is VCC, and White is ground.
Just connect those two lines directly to the 5v power supply (remember to make them a common ground), white and Green lines intact, and it should work just fine.
However, My gumstix boots fine with 5v power supply.
My config:
VL6P + Console VX + NetCF_VX.

Mi Chen


> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 18:53:49 +0200
> From:
> To:
> Subject: [Gumstix-users] powering the gumstix when using usb
> Hi,
> i saw on the wiki (or somewhere else) that i should give 5V to the
> gumstix when i'm using the USB host feature (verdex with breakout-vx).
> It seems to be OK because the USB needs 5V, but when i use 4.2V or
> more, the gumstix stops booting in a second.
> I give 4.1V, most accessories works, but not everything.
> I'm using an sn9c102 based webcam. When i plug it the gumstix can see
> it, loads the module, everything seems to be OK, but when i try to
> get a picture from the webcam it stops working.
> I've measured, the USB Vcc is 3.8V, this isn't enough. What can i do ?
> Thanks
> Jocc
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