Thank you!
I was also wondering if it needs excess power if I connect a Hub to it -- will it power it up successfully? What is the maximum power draw from the USB ports? are two usb hosts have different power draw? I'm considering a Wifi card and two camera modules. Do I need to make some kind of driver for the power consumption?
Sorry that I'm a computer science student and only know limited EE, but I want to make sure as much as I can before actual action.
Thanks again.
Mi Chen

> Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 14:55:22 -0700
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> Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] Please help me choose
> Hi,
> > Still in question, and please answer:
> > Is there any chance for me to get just 2 USB Host ports with 12MB/s
> > bandwidth each, and some GPIO, with any gumstix boards combination?
> I haven't checked the actual performance, but in thoery you can get
> one port off of say the console-vx board (with a verdex motherboard),
> and another off the 24-pin connecter on the verdex (my brother has
> used that port successfully - see:
> <>)
> You could also plug in a hub and get as many USB ports as you wanted.
> Pretty much all of the daugthercards expose a bunch of GPIO pins.
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> Dave Hylands
> Vancouver, BC, Canada
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