This definitely helped me a lot! Thanks so much!
I just ordered the belkin wifi card together with a vimicro camera.
I think the camera will be excellent -- considering it has mechanical interface, so maybe I can experiment combine it with a stepper motor to provide software controlled telescope...
low price high quality. oh yeah.
Thanks again.

> Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 15:26:03 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] New to Gumstix
> > 4. Have anyone get any luck with Verdex and a USB wifi 802.11b/g cards?
> I have had solid success with the zd1211rw driver and a Belkin F5D7050
> Wireless G USB Network Adapter. I've used it connected directly to the
> USB host port and through a USB hub...both without issue. Even connected
> for nearly 24 hrs.
> > 5. Where can I find some good video camera modules to mount on robots?
> > Should I use the CCD connector on Verdex board, or should I just use the
> > USB interface (or ethernet interface is fine as well)? Low power is
> > appreciated and MPEG4 encoding is highly appreciated, since it is going to
> > be on a robot. Budget is ~150$, but I'm planning to get 2 if possible.
> Although I'm still in the middle of determining the best solution (for me)
> I can say that I have had success with:
> Microsoft VX-3000 using the gspca (v1 for video4linux 1) and the spcacat
> capture package (driver and capture software available at
> ---fair image quality
> Vimicro ZC301P using the same driver and software
> (I got my Vimicro from
> For $26 plus $3
> shipping, and that includes the telescope attachment, I am astounded by
> the device. It is highly hackable.)
> ---good image quality
> I've tested the linux-uvc driver with a Logitech Quickcam Deluxe for
> Notebooks. Although the device is recognized and apparently mounted, it
> does not function correclty. However, I have since learned that is
> probably due to v4l version issues.
> I just received a Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 which works with the pwc
> driver (which is included with linux). I was also successful in having
> the device recognized and mounted but I haven't been successful in
> aquiring images from it. This, I'm fairly certain, is not due to
> software/driver compatibility. I'm still trying to get this one to work.
> I have learned to be careful of Video4Linux (aka v4l) and Video4Linux2
> (aka v4l2) compatibilty issues, among other things, for the USB drivers
> and software.
> I have not seen MPEG4 capable software in my searches--but that doesn't
> mean it isn't available. UVC devices (connectable via the linux-uvc
> driver which is v4l2) are supposed to provide an MPEG stream but I think
> it is MPEG2.
> I use the USB wifi and camera together through a USB hub. I don't have a
> great demand on either device so I'm uncertain of true performance.
> Hope this helped.
> James
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