Thanks for the info.
I think the module does quite amazing things (e.g., VGA@30FPS), but my guess is that it won't do any compression.
Besides, it uses a shared memory bus, and probably not compatible with gumstix.
The other piece (freescale i.MX21) have the hardware encoding ability to raw video streams, and I guess that's the reason those modules are sold together.
I would choose an i.MX31 processor over pxa270 if there is any available at Gumstix price :) but apparently there are not many projects going on with i.MX31.
p.s. for ~100, there are many cameras:
this one:
has a 3.5 watt power usage (max) and is sold ~60$ at newegg.
And I think I'll experiment with my:
 existing logitech usb webcam
first to see if I can get somewhat good result.
It will be difficult to compress it to mpeg4 using px270. It has a robot to control anyway. Reduced rate @ mpeg1 might be better.
Maybe at last I'll just use an Eithernet webcam and port it (route it) using gumstix, from ethernet to usb-wifi, and in that way both the video can be transmitted to a remote PC, and Gumstix can process some image to control the robot.
Gumstix will be both a client to process some image and a server to control a robot (and transferring image back), and I guess I'll make another rich client to use on PC side to help gumstix, if it cannot handle the object recognition/experiments.
It is hard to find something small, open and delighted, and full-featured product like gumstix.

> Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 15:21:41 -0700
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> Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] New to Gumstix
> mi Chen wrote:
> >
> > 5. Where can I find some good video camera modules to mount on robots?
> > Should I use the CCD connector on Verdex board, or should I just use the
> > USB interface (or ethernet interface is fine as well)? Low power is
> > appreciated and MPEG4 encoding is highly appreciated, since it is going to
> > be on a robot. Budget is ~150$, but I'm planning to get 2 if possible.
> >
> I found these, I wonder if it can be adapted to gumstix?
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