Does anyone know how to change the config file to get bluetooth working again or is it easier to wait for the config files to be updated?

On 31/8/07 19:23, "Craig Hughes" <> wrote:

The current state of bluetooth in the buildroot is that it's building the latest bluez versions of things, but the config files and startup scripts have changed pretty substantially in the latest revs of bluez, and I haven't had time to go through and set up the configs to more-or-less match the way that the old config was set up -- ie to start up hcid, rfcommd and pand on boot.  If you're capable of setting up the config files the way you want them to be yourself, then you can go ahead and use the latest rev.


On Aug 31, 2007, at 10:46 AM, Matthew Jones wrote:

I'm curious about this also and have held off using newer versions of the buildroot since bt support is critical for my deployment.

On 8/30/07, Rohit Chaudhri <> wrote:
On 8/3 Craig had posted a message on the mailing list that bluetooth
will be broken temporarily, the email thread was: <>

So is bluetooth working fine now? I recently upgraded to release 1513
and find that the user space utilities like hciconfig,hcitool, l2ping,
pand etc are missing, /etc/init.d/S30bluetooth script does not
initialize the BT subsystem.
I could possibly get the missing stuff from an older buildroot, but I
believe Craig was in the process of updating bluez when he'd sent out
the email.
So when would be a good time to update the buildroot to get bluez fully working?


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