The thumbo is hardwired for only usb device mode. I was able to build a custom kernel with g_ether support and use that for my interface but I've never gotten the thumbo to work in host mode ever. Seems like there ought to be a way to force the USB into host mode by forcing the USB_ID line in the usb phy registers somehow but I've never figured it out.

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I am working on getting some simple programs to run on an Overo Tide which
is sitting on a Tobi board.  So far, it has been a success.  Whenever a
program needs to be dropped on the Tide, I ssh to it through its Ethernet

Now, I'd like to move to a Thumbo board, but have run into problems.

I have followed the instructions here to set up usb and it went
fine (still on the Tobi board).  Now whenever I plug in the mini-b cable
(not console, the one on the other side), it is recognized by Linux and I
can successfully ssh to it via the instructions here (again, over its mini-b
usb input ):

So it should be trivial to connect the Thumbo right?  Wrong.  I unplug the
Tobi's usb connection, throw the Tide on the Thumbo and plug it in and wait
a while, but I never see anything under "ifconfig -a" or "dmesg" on my host
machine.  The Thumbo doesn't show up.

The way I'm thinking about this is that the one and only usb connection on
the Thumbo is exactly that of the mini-b usb on the Tobi.  So anything that
I can get going on the Tobi board's usb should work exactly the same on the
Thumbo.  Clearly this isn't the case, and I need help to get this Thumbo

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