Yes the board has a hub built into it. I had a friend in Brazil that works on sat's make it for me. I was able to bring up 3 rtl8187 adapters. All the same chips. I honestly had no issues at all, even when I was still using the summit. I just patched the driver and IW to enable certain features and once I did that had no issues. Its a fun project for sure, has already proven very useful in some audits.


On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 5:40 AM, Paul Nolan <> wrote:

> What do you mean by what am I running? Like what peripherals I have or
> do you mean what is the overo doing? My overo is more like an onboard
> computer that compliments my autopilot thats based on a board built
> around the dsPIC30F4011, the GPS is connected to the AP. My UAV is
> basically an autonomous security auditing UAV, with on the fly
> capabilities is probably the easiest explaination.  3 usb wifi adapters

Are you using 3 different chipsets for the WiFi modules?  That was the
only way I could get multiple WiFi adapters working, would be curious to
know if you found another method.  Sounds like a very interesting
project you have!

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