Hi Jon,
I think that the Gumstix Overo Earth is good enough for your requests... since you can attach it a USB or serial GPS module, a GPRS/UMTS terminal and an analog camera (gumstix produce a very nice camera for its modules). The compass can be attached to the I2C bus (there a lot of devices that can be attached to this bus)


2011/4/20 Jon Andersson <jonandersson@hotmail.com>
I am new to gumstix and somewhat not that experienced with embedded systems. We like to develop a prototype with communication and positioning abilities.
Our requirements are
•Mobile connection (GPRS or/and UMTS)
•GPS - Not the best but not the worst
•DO - 4
•AO - 2
•AI - 2
•Static camera ability in some way...

What modules do I need from gumstix? I think the product range is hard to brows for a newbee.

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