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Hi All;


In an earlier post I asked about the modules required by Bluetooth an WiFi. As you can tell from my email address,

I am not a 14 yr old hacker J

Not really sure why this comment was needed? Or if a crack towards me?


What I am attempting to do is install aircrack-ng on an Overo Earth. That is why I need to know about the WiFi support.

Using “opkg get install”, I managed to install the aircrack software. However, I have to patch the driver and possibly black list

the ieee80211 driver. For this reason I need to know how to install WiFi and Bluetooth as MODULES and not as part of the kernel.


I am using an Alpha AWUS306H USB WiFi adapter which uses the Realtek RTL8187L chipset and driver. There are instructions on the

Aircrack WiKi on how to do this. But I need to know how to know how to properly build the kernel …


Hopefully NOW, someone can help me. Either on or off list …






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All I did was build the kernel with the normal recipe and just went into menuconfig and built what I needed as modules. I installed my wifi driver from source and patched, made sure to put openssl-dev files on the image and sqlite-dev. Then just built it all on my overo directly. Really was no different than doing it all from source on a normal nix dist. Was there an issue you had in building or did injection fail? I also do not use the opkg install aircrack, compile from source. Did you try enabling mac80211 as a mod and not even building ieee? If you need more help let me know whats not working, feel like part of it is missing?

Also in my experience if you don't have something prebuilt and are not going to build it from source on the overo I honestly would rebuild your image. I find using opkg to install anything always ends up causing issues for me, I don't know if it's the different builds clashing or what but I gave up using it awhile ago and has seemed to help eliminate more headaches over time.