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What is the script you are referring to can you post a link, I am not aware of the script you are running.

It was in a previous post by Christian. I can re-post it if you like.

Yes please I cant seem to find it. --- ignore this I saw the second message with the script..

Also you dont need to use sudo as you are root already.

I wasn’t sure. Figured it couldn’t hurt J

You have all the kernel headers and what not on image as well correct?

I don’t know ? Where would I get them ?

add them to your image, or opkg install them.

Also dev files for any dependencies you need for aircrack?

Yup. As far as I know …

you need libpcap, iw, sqlite for just basic usage of aircrack

depending on what your planning on doing with aircrack you could need these as well:
lorcon or pylorcon, python

Also lorcon has to be the lorcon-old and most times I install both lorcon and pylorcon.


Also needed are the dev packages of all listed above.

The other thing is I always have bitbake build everything, as I never had luck with downloading part of something and building the other.

In order to have bitbake build everything, including get the dependencies, you would have to re-write the make file that comes with aircrack-ng.

Is that what you did ??

I was refering to the MLO and uImage you said you downloaded pre built. I always build those myself with bitbake, for me personally and does not seem to be true for all on here if I do not build the MLO and uImage relating to me filesystem I have run into issues and errors that I did not on the same file system and building the others myself. Just remember aircrack itself needs nothing more than make make install, or configure with the features you want then make make install.


Never seen the kind of error you have now. I am honestly baffled as to what the issue actually could be here, what kernel are you using?

The kernel (uImage) that I downloaded from the Gumstix site.

Try building and using .32 kernel as that is what I use and works for me, I have tried newer ones and things broke so just stuck with that kernel, as I do not want to mess with trying to sort out the differences between the kernels each time they push a new one before the previous one seems to be fully functional.

The script you posted I have never needed to run, on my images, again I am building an older kernel and I froze my OE about a month and a half ago, tired of constant breakage. Also possibly you doing that link is causing other things with gcc that are not suppose to? I honestly have no clue. 

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The only other thing I can really suggest or offer is to build a working image for you with aircrack and injection working, but will have the .32 kernel and may not have other things you need on it but aircrack would be fully working. The only other downfall to this is it would take a few days for me to get it fully complete, as I am heading out in a couple hours to do an audit and will be doing that for a couple days, but I could do parts of the image build and tweaks while I am in between things. But I do not know if that would be a good choice for you as I may make something you need not work possibly, in a worst case scenario.

Hope I got everything ..