What do you mean by what am I running? Like what peripherals I have or do you mean what is the overo doing? My overo is more like an onboard computer that compliments my autopilot thats based on a board built around the dsPIC30F4011, the GPS is connected to the AP. My UAV is basically an autonomous security auditing UAV, with on the fly capabilities is probably the easiest explaination.  3 usb wifi adapters 2 webcams and one extra bluetooth adapter, quad band cell module, not including the adapters on the fire itself, the autopilot and overo talk to each other, my overo sits on a custom daughterboard now, started with the summit board.

As others have stated your not going to really know if you can do what you want until you try, to me affordable on 100% certainty is only something you can answer. But if you want the overo to do more than autopilot your going to be pushing the overo to the max very easily. Most I have seen either use the overo to be the autopilot and add a few other small tasks to it or they go like me use an autopilot and use the overo to add all the onboard functionality you want. I personally will soon be looking for something else if they do not release a new overo soon, as I need to add more onboard functionality and what I need to add is basically maxing out the overo. But as it sits now will be good enough for the UAV contest this summer and for DefCon. I have my overo running at 720

The pixhawk site and people will give you the best idea of what the overo can do as an autopilot only, with the few extras added. You will see once you have that going there is not much CPU left in the overo to be doing mission tasks, especially the more complex or CPU intensive they are. To me I would first be worried with getting your plane to fly safely autonomously before worrying about any types of mission tasks or adding video or anything like that. Another thing to keep in mind you may loose your entire setup a time or two just from fine tuning your UAV's flying abilities. Also you mentioned you had someone who was a UAV person that was helping you in your project, I would think he would be an ideal person to help you work out if what you want is doable in the manner you are assuming it is. Or at least a close idea.

I am by no means an expert in any of this, nor am I a hardware guy by any means. This whole adventure for me has been trial and error lots and lots of errors and that was basing things off known working setups, that I tweaked to start me on the track of what I want from my UAV, slowly adding on more and more abilities as I go. Other than this and the other info I have shared not sure really what other advice I can give you other than. Just pick something start with it and start getting your plane flying with stabilized abilities and go from there. UAV's are not a cheap hobby or project to take on, have you even worked out if the airframe you want to use can carry all the extra weight of what you want to carry in the plane? The extra batteries alone add up quick and start getting you into larger and larger platforms very quickly.

Good luck

On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 6:52 AM, Chris.C <chris.coulter@ntlworld.com> wrote:

I realise this is an old thread, since no one is replying anymore, but I just
wanted to ask vwyodapink what exactly are you running on your UAV? Just so I
can get an idea of what the Overo Fire is capable of. If you want I can give
you a rundown of what I plan to use.

vwyodapink wrote:
> If this is for a UAV you should check out the pixhawk site and they give
> good ideas on what you can do with the overo's. I use an overo fire on my
> UAV though dont use the caspa, but do video and many other things and max
> out roughly around 65% CPU usage clocked at 720. If you use DSP your usage
> drops drastically.

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