Are you using a desktop image?

Have you tried connecting via serial?

Both Steve Sakoman and myself have scripts available for creating images from his prebuilt images, however, OpenEmbedded is a headache and a half (not that it is in any way related to your current problem, but sooner or later it will find a way to frustrate you).

If you want something dirt-simple to setup I would recommend using Linaro's scripts:

To get the most recent pre-built images (or just change the date from the instructions above to 20110426):

And the compiler can easily be installed:

AJ ONeal

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 2:07 PM, mmeisner <> wrote:

My setup: Overo Tide COM, Palo43 board w/ touchscreen.

The COM and touchscreen are installed on the board.  I have followed the
Gumstix wiki of how to create a bootable SD card from the stable factory
pre-built image.  I am fairly certain I have done that part correctly.  When
I put the SD card in and apply power, all I get is black and white vertical
lines on the display, like an ever changing bar code.  Could this be a
problem with the display drivers?  Is there some other setup that I did not
do correctly?

Could this be a hardware issue?  I find it hard to believe that it is this
difficult to get any OS running on the Tide COM.

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