I have been playing with this combination for the last few days, in attempt to properly get u-center to communicate cleanly with the GPS receiver on the Gallop board, and although I have it communicating using socat, it appears to be pretty much broken.

Questions up front, so those who have no knowledge or interest can pull the ejection seat early:

1) Is there a simple way to get socat with termios support ala package?
2) If not, how can I just compile socat alone so that it has termios support?  Must I crosscompile?  If so, can I only crosscompile socat?
3) If this is a mess, is there a gpsd package I can get and install?  I see the angstrom package browser, can I just download a gpsd package and install it?  Dependencies might be problematic...

I am using the most current development version of the overo console package (15-April-2011), with the built in socat toolset.  The desktop image was too large, so I could not deploy it.  I have tried previous stable releases with no better results.

The overo has network connectivity via WiFi.  This connectivity is solid, and has caused no issues with any other tools, so I suspect it isn't a culprit of the problem.
The GPS port is ttyS0
u-center is running for a local host on the same subnet as the overo.  No filters are in place between the two systems, or on them.  I have used both Windows 7 and Red Hat 12 using Wine.  Same results.
Socat is redirecting the serial contents to TCP port 46454 on the overo.  Command is "socat tcp-l:46434,reuseaddr,fork file:/dev/ttyS0,nonblock".  I have removed the "file:" parameter from the second cli entry, results are the same.

I had to eliminate the socat parameters 'b9600', 'raw', 'echo=0', and 'clocal=1' because it appears all recent versions of socat deployed on the overo have the termios support compiled out of the software.  I suspect that this might be the issue source.

On the u-center text console I get alot of *58 messages.  I suspect that this is due to the missing echo=0 parameter (same situation you get when you "cat" the tty).  U-center does communicate and work, but periodically (often, every second or so) the GPS system resets.  No sats, no signal, nothing.  It recovers quickly, but is not problem free.  Anything that occurs during that "outage" is not processed, be it a coldstart, a NMEA command, anything.

I could eliminate socat if I could get GPSD on the overo, but it appears that opkg doesn't see it as an installable package.  I have done an "opkg update" and "opkg upgrade" to no avail.  This overo fire does not have the FS space to install a full gcc or anything to compile natively with.

Ultimately, it appears I need to rebuild socat with termios support.  I have installed the embedded systems SDK on a linux host, but so far it keeps compiling socat without termios support.  It also appears to want to build the whole tree.