I've found the solution. git is really easy to use!!

Step 01.00: Download the linux-2.6.29 kernel sources.

Step 01.01: Clone the linux-2.6 git repository. 

$ git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git
$ ls
$ kernel-2.6

Step 01.02: Switch to the linux-2.6.29 kernel files.

Run the following command to change the local working copy to the linux-2.6.29 kernel files:

$ cd kernel-2.6
$ git checkout v2.6.29

Step 01.03: Create a patch for the /drivers/misc/Makefile for linux-2.6.29 kernel version.

Change to the following folder:

$ cd kernel-2.6/drivers/misc
$ vi Makefile

Modify the contents of drivers/misc/Makefile as follows:

# Makefile for misc devices that really don't fit anywhere else.

obj-$(CONFIG_IBM_ASM) += ibmasm/
obj-$(CONFIG_HDPU_FEATURES) += hdpuftrs/
obj-$(CONFIG_ATMEL_PWM) += atmel_pwm.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ATMEL_SSC) += atmel-ssc.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ATMEL_TCLIB) += atmel_tclib.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ICS932S401) += ics932s401.o
obj-$(CONFIG_LKDTM) += lkdtm.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TIFM_CORE)     += tifm_core.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TIFM_7XX1)     += tifm_7xx1.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PHANTOM) += phantom.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SGI_IOC4) += ioc4.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ENCLOSURE_SERVICES) += enclosure.o
obj-$(CONFIG_KGDB_TESTS) += kgdbts.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SGI_XP) += sgi-xp/
obj-$(CONFIG_SGI_GRU) += sgi-gru/
obj-$(CONFIG_HP_ILO) += hpilo.o
obj-$(CONFIG_C2PORT) += c2port/
obj-y += eeprom/
obj-$(CONFIG_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER) += lowmemorykiller.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ANDROID_RAM_CONSOLE) += ram_console.o
obj-$(CONFIG_BINDER_IPC) += binder.o
obj-$(CONFIG_LOGGER) += logger.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TIMED_GPIO) += timed_gpio.o
obj-$(CONFIG_TIMED_OUTPUT) += timed_output.o

To create a patch file, type: 

$ git diff > android-2.6.29-makefile.patch

Copy the generated patch file to the following folder:


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