Hi All,
One update on this is that tha same code is working fine on Palo base board. The problem is coming only with Summit base board.
Do anyone have idea what is the difference b/w Palo & Summit w.r.t. I2C3?
From schematics, it seems that Palo board has one EEPROM IC that is using I2C3. It should make any difference. Any comments?
I am using same bainaries for both boards. Is there any configuration for Summit board that I need to do and can cause I2C issue?
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Subject: [Gumstix-users] OMAP I2C3 controller timed out error on GumstixOvero

Hi All,
I am using Gumstix Overo processor board and Summit base board. I have interfaced a camera board to the 27-Pin camera connector on the Overo board through the FPC cable provided by Gumstix.
When I try to insert my driver (which actually dumps some registers to my camera module through I2C), I am getting following error message:
i2c_omap i2c_omap.3: controller timed out
When I probe the I2C lines, SDA is going low (trying to generate START on I2C) but after that nothing is happening on SCL line (always high). After 100us SDA also goes high.
This behaviour is inconsistent i.e. sometimes I2C works normally but sometimes it fails with this error and once it fails it never recovers from the error condition until a hard reboot is given.
Has anyone else faced this problem before? What can be the reason for this?
Are there any other devices on I2C3 on overo board?
I have got the kernel from open embedded distribution network and kernel version is 2.6.30 and using 400kHz speed for I2C.
Can anybody help?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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