On Oct 26, 2005, at 4:10 AM, Stuart Bass wrote:

We've bought a gumstix xm with a cfstix, and a ratoc usb host card in order be able to get the gumstix working as a usb host, as suggested on the wiki. Has anyone managed to get it working, and if so, what steps need to be undertaken?

I noticed that kernel 2.6.12 seems to be required, but the buildroot is 2.6.11. Do all the patches, etc work with 2.6.12?

I noticed a 2.6.13 buildroot in svn, would it be possible/better to use that?

Yes, the ratoc driver was added I think in 2.6.12, so you should use the 2.6.13 buildroot image -- that build is beta-quality right now on everything but the ethernet driver, which is missing dual-ethernet support.  Single ethernet will work, but the netDUO card won't.  The CF layer should be just fine though.  I will be working on getting the ethernet working over the next little while, at which point the 2.6.13 branch will move to the trunk.  Note that there are a couple of recent patches to the trunk which I haven't merged onto the branch yet, including what appears to be a fix for the bluetooth problems people have been reporting recently.  I probably won't be merging those onto the branch probably until just before I merge the branch back onto the trunk.