Take the make file from:
change the targets line to be a list of your c files.

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Subject: [Gumstix-users] makefile for buildroot env.

hi all

i need to ask if there is anyone out there able to help out? i have a makefile for something (puredata for pdas) which has already had all the hard work of making everything run without needing a floating point unit but i cannot figure out how to adapt the makefile to be compatible with the buildroot environment - im a multimedia artist with good linux skills but unfortunately not a huge programmer - im losing focus of what needs to go where - i can supply the make file pasted into a message if that helps - i just need some pointers and the examples ive found seem to either be for a single binary or are much simpler than this task seems to be...

does anyone mind lending a hand?


e - noodlepringle@gmail.com