Yes, it should, and I would like to use my Mac for this purpose. But it seems that building on Linux is the "most supported" mode currently.

I chatted with Craig about this a couple weeks ago and he mentioned someone on this list has been building a series of patches to make things run smoothly on Darwin.

While I generally don't like GUIs for software development, XCode is pretty slick. My former colleagues at PalmSource did some great work with making Eclipse work well with cross-dev tools, but... XCode is still a lot easier to use.

But I think the reason that the idea of using a VMWare server image is attractive has to do with the fact that you don't have to modify your current system. It's somewhat annoying, but some development environments require specific versions of packages to be installed. Sometimes these required versions don't jibe well with other apps you're running. (or more likely, with other bits of software you're developing.)

On Oct 8, 2007, at 4:08 PM, Jeff Sadowski wrote:

OS-X should have all the necessarily tools for a buildroot environment

Don't make me buy a mac just so I can get it working and teach others

how to use it.