When I look at a Makefile like this I'm wondering things like

Where is it specifying which compiler to use?
Where is it expected that this will be compiled? with bitbake? on the gumstix CoM? on the cross-compile box?

I believe I can create a makefile to compile a hello world module on the gumstix, but it wouldn't look anything like that. I would be specifying everything myself. I don't understand what that makefile is doing at all.

In general I'd like more help understanding the workflow that you all are going through.

I must confess that I'm not much of a C programmer and I'm definitely not a hardware engineer - but sometimes you end up doing work in areas in which you're completely unfamiliar... :D

I've made a XOR secret message encoder and a Chess game in school, but nothing this deep before. That said, I did use Gentoo to teach myself Linux back in 2004 - back when you had to compile wireless drivers yourself - and I've been using Linux ever since, so I have at least configured my own kernel before, etc.

AJ ONeal