This is a JavaScript application that allows you to painlessly check register values.
(my example uses the ccdc registers, so you'd have to have a /dev/video0 to use it, but it's fairly simple to create you own)

You get nice output like this:
LSC_CONFIG:            0x00006600 == 000000026112 | 0b00000000000000000110011000000000

  reserved-0 [31:15]   0x00000000 == 0
  gain_mode_m [14:12]  0x00000006 == 6
  reserved-1 [11]      0x00000000 == 0
  gain_mode_n [10:8]   0x00000006 == 6
  busy [7]             0x00000000 == 0
  after_reform [6]     0x00000000 == 0
  reserved-2 [5:4]     0x00000000 == 0
  gain_format [3:1]    0x00000000 == 0
  enable [0]           0x00000000 == 0

and broken-down reports like this:
ERR: "fmt_horz" was expected to be "0x10080" but is actually "0x0"
  For "fmtsph" expected "1" but got "0"
  For "fmtlnh" expected "128" but got "0"

How can it work for you?

Manually enter in the meta-data about the register - its name, its fields, etc - from the spruf98h.pdf in one of these "document" formats:
Simple Format:
Full Format:
And make sure you e-mail it to me or fork me on github so I can add it to the list of documents.

If you find a machine-readable form of the TI documentation let me know about it.
I could write a script to convert it to the right format and get all of the registers.

Optionally you can define the "settings" you would like to check against or that you would like to set the values to.

node.js required for this is about to enter OpenEmbedded (I've submitted a patch, but still need to make a few adjustments to the meta data for acceptance).
If you care to get it now you can see my posts on the node.js list.
You can also download it here:

AJ ONeal