I recently bought a Beagleboard xM and it has worked flawlessly (using openembedded) as far as USB is concerned. That said, I've only used it with two USB devices and in my spare time for the last week... so that's not really enough testing to call it golden quite yet.

I have no real evidence to support it, but my assumption is that the USB problems are a kernel issue.  Only time and a kernel hacker can tell.

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 11:51 PM, Pat Suwalski <pat@suwalski.net> wrote:
On 11-02-14 12:43 AM, Cole Christensen wrote:
> In my experience USB was hit and miss on Overo.
> In my opinion "not supporting" hotplug USB is unacceptable.
> You might try to update to the latest and greatest kernel/u-boot/etc.
> I had this problem for a long time and was never satisfied with its
> solution.

This returns to my question as to whether it's a software issue or a
hardware issue.

In my experience, the BeagleBoards also had flaky USB, at least with
RevB. Rumour has it that it got fixed in RevC, which would indicate a
hardware issue.


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