Hi Everyone,
                  My qt application running on overo doesn't seem to pick up the correct calibration values. I run ts_calibrate and ts_test works fine, i.e. I can draw and drag, however my qt4-embedded application doesn't react correctly to touchscreen input. Instead it appears to be slightly opposite, e.g the middle of the screen is generally the same however when I move to a different corner it moves to the other, when I move up it moves down etc. I'm wondering does anyone understand the /etc/pointercal file or tslib stuff enough to point me in the right direction ? How can I be sure my application is using tslib ?

In a slightly separate question, how do I stop enlightenment from starting, and when started how do I get it to stop ? I presume there is some service functionality running on the gumstix outside of the run level stuff where I can just switch it off ?

thanks in advance,