Hello Everyone.  Thank you to everyone who had helped me so far in figuring out why our USB Device crashes on gumstix overo boot.  We've discovered that yes, it is in fact faulty firmware in our USB Device that causes it to crash when a host controller probes the bus to find a "usb boot device".  We confirmed this by setting a laptop to "boot from usb" before hard-drive boot and our USB device crashes exactly in the same way as with the gumstix.

While we wait for our vendor to hopefully fix the firmware, my question to all of you is this.  How can we disable all usb probing and any kind of usb-bus touching from the u-boot process? Our u-boot shell doesn't seem to indicate that the usb functionality is even present.  It may also be that there is usb chatter before u-boot (Isn't there a stage that occurs BEFORE u-boot that could talk to USB?).  Is there an easy way to disable usb, or do we have to manually go through the source packages and disable functionality?  At this point we're not exactly sure where the chatter takes place - only that we want to minimize any and all usb bus contact.

Happy Halloween,