Maybe I'm answering my own question here.  If I go to the latest factory build directory and then look at the log on gitorious/gumstix-oe, I find that the last commit before that datestamp was  Presumably I can tag that commit and baseline from that point to anchor myself to the factory build.



On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 8:42 AM, Eric Wenger <> wrote:
I've just started a commercial project on the Overo and am wondering how others are handling version/change control on the Gumstix.  After getting started, I realized that the OpenEmbedded dev repository, the kernel and other components are open branches with no labelled versions from which to baseline.  I did find the stable/2009 branch of OpenEmbedded and am working on a build to see how that works, but it would be nice if gumstix-oe had its own stable branch to track OE stable/2009.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.