I've just got the Gumstix Overo Fire COM, and don't know nothing about it. I'm trying to read information from a barometric pressure sensor, from Sparkfun, that uses SPI interface:

I'd like to do a simple C program that reads information from this sensor, using Summit exapansion board, for example, and displays it.
According to the sensor specification, it transmits 16 bit words, containing the register address in the first 6 bits, a bit that indicates read or write, a 0 bit for LSB, and finally 8 bits of data.
I think pins from the sensor are conected to 40 pins' header, from expansion board. But I don't know how to access the value read from this pins.

I found this sample code for PXA255 processor:

But I don't know what modifications I must do for my Overo Fire COM.
How can I do that???

Please, help me.

Bruno Caetano.