Hello Folks,

What kernel defconfig settings are chosen for the sakoman prebuilt overo kernel images?

I have had great success with my gumstix using sakoman's prebuilt images.  However, now I want to use a newer kernel version which sakoman does not provide, linux-ompa3-2.6.36.  I have built it using bitbake and installed it and its modules onto my Overo Fire.  Unlike the prebuilt image, it does not load the libertas driver or even create the ttyUSBs for the usb to serial converters attached to my gumstix.

I am using the latest org.openembedded.dev git repo and I am tracking the overo branch.  To build the kernel I am running bitbake linux-omap3-2.6.36.   Is there another branch or repo with sakoman's standard image settings enabled?

Thank you for the help,
Adam Stambler