What are the commands your calling with ffmpeg? Or what did you use to try and get it going and is giving you that frame rate

Or did you try -r 60?

Thats all that comes to mind for me without knowing more, I do not use the Caspa but I use the -r when I do my video stuff on the gumstix to get the frame rate you can also do the -b for bitrate.

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 1:25 PM, Andrea VICARI <andreavicari71@gmail.com> wrote:
recently I bought the Caspa VL, I installed it and it works fine.
I tried streaming the video with ffmpeg, it worked but with a very low
frame rate (ffmpeg says 14fps, practically less then 1fps...)
I bought it because of its frame rate (60fps)!
Can anyone help me finding a better solution?
thanks in advance

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