Hmm, well I can confirm that my chestnut43 has the ADS7846 IC in that location.

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 3:34 PM, joern <> wrote:
I've bought a Chestnut43 board and could not get the touchscreen working:

Following Kernel Message:

[  291.757324] ads7846 spi1.0: touchscreen, irq 274
[  291.757598] ads7846 spi1.0: no device detected, test read result was 0x000000

I've looked at the Board and could not find any ADS7846 on it.

You can see a free Pad in the Picture which is attached. I am right that Gumstix has forgotten
to solder the Chip? Or can it be anywhere else?

I've mailed Gumstix about my Problem and they say:
"Each Chestnut43 board has been tested for touch screen function prior to shipment.
Please use the Gumstix mailing list for technical support. "

I want to be sure that this is really an Hardware issue, before I send it to Gumstix for RMA.

Regards Jörn

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