As far as I know that is normal and its just rebuilding the file system and repackaging it. the only way it will tell you your up to date is if you doing a git pull on and as long as there is no updates it will tell you that all is up to date.

Hope this helps some

On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 9:00 AM, gary garcia <> wrote:
I am new to the gumstix openembedded system and open source tools in general.
I just got the bitbake omap3-console-image to run to completion using parallels guest host Ubuntu 10.4 on a macbook pro.

after it finished I reran the command "bitbake omap3-console-image" thinking that it would come back stating that the system is up to date and no tasks needed to be run. Instead it re-runs the last three tasks.

Is this normal ? or do I need to look into this more ?

garciag@ubuntu:~/overo-oe$ bitbake omap3-console-image
NOTE: Handling BitBake files: / (8398/8398) [100 %]
NOTE: Parsing finished. 7602 cached, 475 parsed, 321 skipped, 1 masked.
NOTE: Resolving any missing task queue dependencies
NOTE: Preparing runqueue
NOTE: Executing runqueue
NOTE: Running task 4365 of 4370 (ID: 18, /home/garciag/overo-oe/, do_package_update_index_ipk)
NOTE: Running task 4369 of 4370 (ID: 10, /home/garciag/overo-oe/, do_rootfs)
NOTE: Running task 4370 of 4370 (ID: 4, /home/garciag/overo-oe/, do_build)
NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 4370 tasks of which 4367 didn't need to be rerun and 0 failed.

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