may be you better choose something simpler than OMAP3? I'd better go for ARM9-based platforms. They are simpler and cheaper

2010/6/25 Sean Reilly <>
Hi All,
        I'm developing a touchscreen application for the first time and thought I'd ask the community for advice before shelling out cash. I'm developing a simple application which needs to allow a user to enter data using an LCD touchscreen, display this data and transmit it over USB to a PC. I have a number of questions, first of all is there a configuration/ pre-built kit I can buy which will allow me to get up and running as fast as possible with the minimum of soldering/wiring etc (I don't mind paying slightly more for this). I know this is a very broad question as there are lots of configurations to chose from, what I'm really asking is for the simplest hardware configuration with the minimum of fuss, so I can set about prototyping the application.
Secondly is there a particular stable release that I should use for such a configuration, touchscreen drivers etc ?
Finally which is the best GUI development kit/ API that I should use to develop a simple touchscreen application,

thanks in advance,


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