Hi and thanks for your reply!
I want to go a bit further with my questions:

> - encode ~720p30fps audio&video (TI's H264 codec+AAC)
Sorry, IIRC TI's DSP codecs for H264 only support up to 480p.
I couldn't find proper sources but it's my understanding that it has encoding support up to 720p with "latest or beta TI's encoders". However I'm looking for confirmations. if I can't do it I would have to find a different product (like DM-based leopard maybe, but the bundled cameras seem troublesome driver-wise [there's no free  (as in beer) complete driver except for VGA.. otherwise image is raw/unprocessed] and they're bigger/heavier)
Anyway this one is kind the most important point

> - Possible future extensions of the project using I2C and PWM
There's no driver for PWM IIRC, you have to write to /dev/mem to use it.
I2C seems to be supported, though.
As long as I find documentation for it it should be ok :) PWM is just a "maybe" for me as of now, if I get the rest working properly.
> -Will the board provide enough power for both USB devices? (camera
> +wifi stick)

I think the camera may run on the OTG port(maybe you'll have to change
something on the driver to make it use devices with more than 100 mA
declared current usage), but the wifi stick definitively needs the host

The wifi uses about 500mA max, I'm not sure about the camera but it's probably a bit above 100mA