I think you can do a lsmod and modprobe -l | grep libertas to see if the wifi driver is installed.  If not you can try flashing a newer stable image and see if wireless works.

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 11:45 PM, Alan Brumley <alanmailer@onlinecnc.com> wrote:
I get a:
wlan0: unknown interface: No such device

sorry for the delay.  I was out of town on a family vacation.

This is with the /etc/network/interfaces as shown below.

Do you know of a command where I can verify the kernel has seen the actual
wifi hardware?

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Try ifconfig wlan0 up.

I've had a similar problem with ifup in the past.


On 11-03-10 08:35 PM, Alan Brumley wrote:
> I apologize in advance for regurgitating so much information, I'm just
> trying to help speed things along.
> I've looked for a two nights now and can't find a solution to unstick me
> on this problem.  Thanks for any help you can give.
> I have an overo fire and a tobi board.  It just arrived from gumstix
> last week and is running the factory firmware that came with it.
> I'm trying to use the wired ethernet controller as well as the wifi
> controller.
> Out of the box, the wired connection seems to be happy as eth1
> eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:15:C9:28:D9:C1