Well, everything is ok with this patch!

Thank you, but where have you found this patch?

2010/6/16 batoub <batoub@gmail.com>

Thank for your quick answer!
I will try with the new patch :) and I send a feedback later!

Thank you!

2010/6/16 Ananthapadmanaban <gapadmanaban@e-consystems.com>
Hi batoub,

    What kernel version you wish to work with e-CAM driver ?

    Please find the 2.6.33 patch file in the attachment. And the error you got is due to not availability of lm355 led flash chip in e-cam board.
 But your camera related features will work correctly. Please test the driver with the provided sample application capture.elf.

Thanks and regards,

batoub wrote:

First econ provide only a patch for kernel 2.6.30 so I need to use this
kernel :/ then I have a strange bug using when I load the driver. It seem
like i2c is not working at all?

root@overo:~# insmod v4l2_driver.ko 

Driver Module info : V4l2 driver module
Version info : 3.0

Using Reserved memory for V4l2 driver module<6>
>From Start address - 0x87a00000 
 To End address - 0x87ffffff 
ov3640 found: product id is 0x36 
flash_i2c_client_xfer:i2c transfer error:-121
File            :
Function        : flash_i2c_client_xfer<7><7>
Line number     : 147<7><7>
Reason          : An unidentified error is happening.. please report to code
Flash write failed :lm3553_write: reg=c0<7><7>
File            :
Function        : lm3553_write<7><7>
Line number     : 169<7><7>
Error name      : 1. PORT_OPEN_ERROR 2. FAIL 3.EPERM<7><7>
Error number Dec: -1 Hex: 0xFFFFFFFF <7><7>
Reason          : 1. unknown cause of failure											
		 2. Failed to open the port may be driver is not properly inserted or file
not found				
		 3. Operation not permitted<7><7>

Is there any solution ?

Thank you,


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