Hi Everyone,
                 I usually use kermit on linux to transfer my files. However I need to figure out how to send files to the gumstic and receive files off it using Hyperterminal or some other windows program. At present I can log in to the machine, however when I try to send a file to the gumstix it fails with a timeout error whichever protocol I select. If I try to send a text file, it just outputs it on the terminal in the gumstix, it doesn't save it to a file. And when I try to receive a file from the gumstix I get another "no response(timeout)" error. I'm probably leaving out some important step, however I've trawled the net and can't find the answer.

In a related question when I want to send a file from the gumstix do I need to use the "sz" program, because I do not have that installed on the gumstix. Is there another program that is used ?