first do this:

ls -la

cd with no arguments will change to your home directory
ls with '-la' will show all files (files with the first character as a . are "hidden" withouth this)

if there isn't a .bashrc create a file with that name

you seem to want to change the PATH variable

to do so put the following in your brand new .bashrc file

export PATH=/some/new/path:$PATH

this file must be named exactly that and be put in your home directory

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 2:50 PM, J. L. <> wrote:
I have been compiling some programs with a little bit of success and
each time I try and export the path it only stays while xterm stays
open and only for that xterm window. I have searched for a
.bash-profile and can not find it. What am I doing wrong to not get it
to stay permanent and be able to have the program be called from any
xterm window I open. I have googled and tried a few different ways to
do this and every time its the same results only for that xterm window
and only works until I close it or reboot. Thanks for helping

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