Thanks for the quick reply! Sadly, /var/log/messages isn't showing up anything when I plug in the Gumstix. Just to check - I am right in thinking that it doesn't need to be powered to be recognised, it should just need the USB connection? In which case, does this mean that it's the console-vx board that's faulty? I'm presuming that it has the USB-serial chip on it, as it has the socket. I tried the same on the GPSstix board, which also has a USB socket, still with no response, which would mean that both boards would have to be broken if this was the case. (With both boards, the LED beside the socket lights up when it's plugged into the computer)

I like your idea of the cable being broken - it would be a great solution to the problem! Unfortunately I don't have a spare USB A-miniB cable with me, so I'll have to wait to try that until I get hold of one tomorrow.

Again, many thanks for the help


On 18 November 2010 13:14, softwizz <admin@islandsoftware.co.uk> wrote:


On a Linux devhost, bring up a terminal window with root permissions, and
enter :-

    tail -f /var/log/messages

Then plug in your USB console cable.  You should see some fresh kernel
messages identifying the new hardware, and it will presumably say what
problems it is finding.  If it doesn't find problems, it *should* report the
new device name.

If you see no fresh messages coming up when you plug in the USB console
cable, then I would say the USB serial device on the target board is dead.

Hope that helps.


Test Files wrote:
> Hello,
> <snip>
> a serial connection should have been opened on the computer to the board,
> allowing me to log in and start to use the device. This should be the
> simplest of steps - however, I've tried this under Windows, OS-X and Linux
> (Fedora) (on three different machines), and have unfortunately been unable
> to connect to the Gumstix. No new connections appear in /dev/ when the
> device is plugged in with a USB cable (A to mini-B on the connex board).
> lsusb doesn't list anything as being plugged in.

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